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The One Secret to Making Cooking Easy


I get it - cooking can seem intimidating, time consuming, and difficult. Luckily, it's not as hard as it seems. In face, it can be downright easy AND it is the single best way to upgrade your health, energy, and weight loss efforts. Cooking at home gives you control over what's in your food, how [...]

Open if You Love Food


I really, really, really love food. I love thinking about it, cooking it, and most of all, eating it. Food is one of the most basic simple pleasures of life. Unfortunately though, the dialogue I hear around loving food is mostly negative. As in, “Oh, I love food way too much, I could never give [...]

5 Warming Winter Foods for the Frigid Cold

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I'm not going to lie, I really hate this weather. It's been below freezing for the past week in D.C. and I am totally over it and ready to go back to Puerto Rico. Remember those days? I do!  It helps when it's super cold outside to eat foods that naturally warm us. When it's [...]

What to do When You Feel like a Self-Love Fraud

Shadows on Patterns

This time of year we are inundated with messages about love. How to find love, how to love yourself, why loving yourself is the key to, well, everything. Which I actually believe is true, but I think most of the conversation misses a critical point. There are times when we just aren't feeling the love. [...]

Eat Dessert First


Many of us grew up with finish your plate syndrome. If you finish your plate/eat your vegetables/do otherwise unpleasant thing, then you can have dessert. This paradigm says that to get what we want, we have to somehow suffer for it. We have to give up foods we love, or eat foods we hate, or do [...]