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Eating well. Working out. Getting enough sleep. There are so many things that we know we should do, but we just don't. Last weekend I went to see Mastin Kipp, author and motivational speaker, on his new book tour. He spoke a lot about this and it resonated deeply with me so I thought it [...]

Cod with Bell Pepper Sauce

I had this grand vision in my head of the first time someone ate dinner at my new apartment: an epic dinner party with all my friends crammed into the teeny space once everything was perfect. No more boxes, no more clutter, everything in its place, I would have created this delicious amazing meal in my [...]

The Flying Trapeze (Thoughts on Peaceful Transitions)


Hello lovelies! After a six-week hiatus (slightly longer than I was planning on, but much needed) I am going to get back to a normal blogging schedule. The past six weeks have been full of major life shifts, not only from in a relationship to single and from living in the suburbs to moving back [...]

Fierce. Tender. Brave.

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Fiercetenderbrave. That's the mantra my heart has been beating at me the last few days since J and I broke up. Fierce because this experience has taught me a strength and an inner purpose I wasn't sure I had. Tender because even with that said, I feel shattered into a million pieces and sometimes just [...]


One of the most common challenges we face as busy young professionals is low energy. We overcommit, stay out too late, get up too early, and generally run ourselves down. Luckily, the benefits of healthy diet can go a long way in picking you up and helping you do everything you want (or need to) [...]